Application Resources

Proposal Development Resources

PARC suggests that applicants will find “On the Art of Writing Proposals" a useful guide for proposal preparation. To access the overview of the guide and download the publication, please click on this link:

In order to help you think through your application preparation, we recommend reviewing carefully and thoroughly the following questions.

  1. Identify your central research question or hypothesis
  2. Literature review
    1. Identify and describe fields of scholarship on which your project draws
    2. Discuss literature in the field that is central to this project
    3. Identify how your research will build on this scholarship
  3. Identify the importance of this project within the field of Palestinian Studies
  4. Identify your primary methodology or methodologies
  5. Provide a timeline for your research
  6. Identify what we are going to learn as the result of the proposed project that we do not know now
  7. In what ways are you qualified to carry out the research (e.g. previous research, academic networks, etc.)

Click here for a guide to using PARC’s online application system.