PARC Research Fellows

Each year’s cohort of PARC Fellows is posted on our website once all fieldwork is completed.

Hadeel Badarni
High-tech Ecologies of Domination: Technoscientific Afterlives of Agricultural Capital in Israel/Palestine
Ashraf Bader
High-tech Ecologies of Domination: Technoscientific Afterlives of Agricultural Capital in Israel/Palestine
Issa Boulos Palestinian Music in the West Bank from 1967 to 1993: identity, nationalism, and folklorization
Samuel England Collecting Palestine in Photographic Archives
Hadeel Fawadleh
Mobility of Women in Palestine: Navigating Masculinity, Class, Religion and Colonialism
Lucy Garbett The Afterlives of the ‘Usually Destroyed’: Palestinian Life, Land, and Property in Jerusalem
Rania Ghneim Genetic Profile of some parasitic Protozoa Present in Sludge Produced from Wastewater Treatment Plants in Gaza Strip: Environmental Health Impact
Faris Giacaman Heartbeat of the West Bank: Building a Resistance Movement and the Forgotten Palestinian Intifadas, 1967-1987
Sophia Goodfriend BioJerusalem: Engineering and Contesting Surveillance Regimes in Jerusalem
Awad Halabi Palestine’s Modern Islamic Activist and Nationalist:  Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir al-Muzaffar, 1900-1948
Amer Ibrahim Politics (Re)incarnated: The Struggle for Belonging in the Occupied Golan Heights
Paul Kohlbry
Plots and Deeds: Property and the Making of the Palestinian Land Question
Moné Makkawi The Other[s’] City: Refugees and Migrant Workers in Urban Lebanon
Faiq Mari Alternative Spaces of Revolt: The Commons of the Palestinian Intifada
David Marshall Sacred Space/Contested Place:  Intergenerational Memory and The Shifting Meanings of Joseph’s Tomb
Nisreen Mazzawi
Money in Daily Life Practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Ali Musa
Memory of Childhood Place in the Palestinian Self- Writing
Shurouq Qadous
The Effects of Empowerment Programs Integrated with Family Support on Maternal Self-esteem and Quality of Life among Pregnant Adolescents in Palestine: A randomized Controlled Trial
Mezna Qato
Peasant Pedagogies: Khaduri School, Development and Rural Capitals
Amer Al-Qobbaj
Sacred Trees Veneration in Palestine: The Central Mountain Region as a Research Field
Khaled Ramadan Effect Induced by COVID-19 on Science College Students’ Perception about Technologies and Distance Learning: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing the Quality of Education
Rami Salameh Seeing Different Things: Palestinians and the Anthropology of Living Experiences A Research in the Method
Saliem Shehadeh Palestinian Student Organizing: GUPS
Renee Spellman “There is No Free Nation Without Free Women:” Palestinian Women Engage in New Online Activism and Discourse Strategies to Challenge Multiple Systems of Oppression
Hazem Abuorf
Stabilizing Soil Mixture Used for Rammed-Earth Construction: The Case of Sandy Limestone in Gaza
Nadi Abusaada
Arab Urbanism in Modern Palestine: Urban Development in Jaffa and Nablus 1880-1940
Tahreer Araj Displacement of the Dispossessed: Palestinian-Syrian Refugees in Egypt and Jordan
Lisa Bhungalia Afterlives of Aid: Shifting Alignments of U.S. Power in Palestine
Muzna Bishara Reconnecting with Lost Spaces as a Tool for Contesting Discourses of Erasure
Matthew DeMaio Confronting Resurgent Instability: Adaptation and Improvisation among Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Beirut, Lebanon
Connie Etter
Roads Unseen: An Ethnography of Cycling in Palestine
Basil Farraj
Molding Consciousness: Israeli Prisons and Modern Torture
Doaa Hammoudeh
Problematizing ‘citizenship’ in a context of military occupation: Young Palestinians’ lived experiences on the margins of Jerusalem
Danyah Jaber
Between Infertility and Occupation: Palestinian Women’s Everyday Experiences
Hadel Jarada Islamic Chaology in Palestinian Lands 1500-1800
Mohammed Al Khaldi
Mapping of Health Technology Assessment in Palestine: Status Quo, Implementation Challenges, and Strengthening Prospects
Gabrielle Kirk Cultivating a Sustainable Sovereignty?
Jamal Nabulsi Emotions and Everyday Palestinian Resistance Graffiti, Music and Bodily Performance
Kholoud Nasser Palestinian Society Facing Israeli Hydro-Apartheid
Omar Qassis
The Political-Ecology of Palestinian Olive Oil
Najat Rahman Art’s Displacement, Art’s Force: Palestinian Women Artists Envision the Future
Michael Samuel Controlling Palestine: Britain, Israel, and the Legacies of Arab Suppression
Kenny Schmitt Gazan Christians: The Social History of a Community on the Precipice
Juhayna Taha Clinical Markers of Palestinian Arabic Speaking Children with Development Language Disorder Background
Randa Wahbe
The Cemeteries of Numbers: Post-Mortem Surveillance in Palestine/Israel
Rasmieyh Abdelnabi
Informal Politics, Embroidery, & Palestine: Women’s Work toward Surviving and Thriving
Bayan Abusneineh
Chosen and Imagined: Racial and Gendered Politics of Reproduction in Israel/Palestine
Salim Abuthaher
“A Study of Urban Inequality in Palestine: the Ramallah Conurbation as a Case
Manal Badrasawi
Development and Validation of Digital Food album as a Tool to Estimate Food Portions in Basic Palestinian Dishes
Nadim Bawalsa
Palestinian Migrants and the Birth of a Diaspora in Latin America, 1860-1940
Zachary Cuyler
‘A Better Life for Whom?’ Oil, Political Economy, and the Terrain of Political Contestation in Lebanon, 1934-78
Umayma Diab
Practice and Discourse of Home-Making: Home-Making as an Act of Resistance among the Palestinians in Israel
Ibtisam Dwikat
Mistreatment during Childbirth among Postpartum Women in West Bank, Palestine: Development of a Valid Questionnaire, Prevalence and Associated Factors
Amal Eqieq
Indigenous Affinities: Comparative Study in Mayan and Palestinian Narratives
Mazen Hamada
Common Waterborne Diseases and Public Health Concerns in Marginalized Areas: Al Mughraga Area in Gaza Strip
Catherine Herrold
Grassroots Organizations in Palestine: Reclaiming Civil Society?
Mazen Iwaisi
Landscape Archaeology as Politicized Space in Palestine
Jennifer Kelly
Invited to Witness: Solidarity Tourism Across Occupied Palestine
Emily Mckee
Narratives of Plenty: Desalination, Techno-Optimism, and Palestinian-Israeli Waterscapes
Niveen Rizkalla
Violent Conflict Impact on Palestinian Aid-Workers who Serve War Traumatized Populations in the West Bank and Gaza
Arpan Roy
Community in Fragments: Nawar Kinship in Jerusalem and its Environs
Maysa Soufan
The Relationship between Palestinian College Women’s Pubertal Education and their Menstrual Experience
Sharaf Al-Tardeh
Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals Disseminated from Quarries and their Consequences on Human Health in Hebron Governorate
Bassam Tayeh
Eco-Friendly Concrete Containing Recycled Plastic as Replacement of Sand
Safa Aburabia The Struggle Over Land among the Third Generation of the Nakba in the South of PalestineIsrael
Alessandra Amin Into the “Shadow Archives" of Palestinian Art: Modernism, Internationalism, and Political Engagement in the 1960s and 1970s
Hadeel Assali The Social Worlds and (Sub)Terrain of Southern Palestine
Zaher Atwa, Samah Eriqat, Mona Shalhoob and Hazen Abu Jazar The Effects of Flipping Classrooms on Students’ Psychological Stress, Critical Thinking Skills and Academic Achievement
Basma Fahoum The History of Tobacco Cultivation in Palestine/Israel 1880-1990
Courtney Fullilove Knowledge and Drought-Resistant Crops in the West Bank
Julia Gettle Politicizing Identities: Marxist and Pan-Arabist Popular Political Mobilization in Greater Syria, 1948-1970
John Halaka Vanishing Harvest: Meditations on the End of Palestinian Agriculture
Areen Hawari Palestinian Women’s Activism: Gender, Religion and the State
Nahed Al Laham Detection and Molecular Characterization of Threatening Colistin and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Isolated in Gaza Strip Pediatric Hospitals
Maha Samman Mansour and Yara Saifi Modern Jerusalem 1948-1967: Documentation and Analysis of a Neglected Architectural Heritage
Rabeh Morrar Transition of Youth to Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship: A Comparison Between West Bank and Gaza Strip
Maryvelma O’Neil Digitally Mapping the Illés Maquette: Visualizing Jerusalem (1873-1948)
Jasbir Puar Slow Life: Mobility Disability in Palestine
Basel Rayyan New Palestinian Traders with China: a Study in the Causes and Consequences
Zachary Smith Colonial Accumulation: Identities, Institutions, and Ideologies in Settler Societies
Rachael Stryker Youth, Emotional Suspicion, and Emerging Pediatric Psychologies in Palestine
Linda Tabar Palestinian Memory and Imaginaries of Liberation
Samah Ahmad Abu Assab The Impact of Business Incubators (BIs) in the Sustainability of the Youth Entrepreneurial Projects in Palestine: A Comparative Study among BIs between the West Bank & Gaza
Nabil El Aila Molecular Epidemiology of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus In Gaza Strip Hospitals
Adey Almohsen Discrepancies in Exile: Cultures and Expressions of Palestinian Identity
Majdi Ashour Beyond Resilience in the Times of Despair: Changes in the Out of Pocket Payments in the Gaza Strip
Leena Dallasheh Red Nazareth: Palestinians and the Transition from British Mandate to Israel
Sameeh Hammoudeh The City of Ramallah under the Jordanian Rule (1948-1967)
Alexander Karaman Beyond the Lyrics: Hip-Hop Culture and Palestinian Identity Formation
Anna Kensicki Space, Time and Conflict: ICTs as Tools for Transcendence
Suha Al-Madbouh Institutional Conservatism and Political uncertainty as Impediments of Agricultural Wastewater Reuse: A Framework for Institutionalizing Public Participation in the Case of Nablus Governorate, Palestine
Haneen Naamneh Legal History of Jerusalem Following the 1967 Occupation
Rami Salameh Political Death and Dying in Palestine
Rana Samara Palestinian Endogenous Plant Extract to Control Barley Loose Smut
Stephen Sheehi Psychoanalysis Under Occupation: Theories and Practice of Psychoanalysis in Palestine
Najwa Silwadi-Eidda Resisting Disappearance, Standing for Life: Palestinian Women’s Community Organizing Strategies and the Power of the Colonized in East Jerusalem
Michelle Weitzel Drones, Sirens, and Prayer Calls: Unheard Consequences of the Politics of Sound
Anna Zelenz Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Times: Exploring the Sulta, the state, and Palestinian society during conflict
Himmat Zu’bi Replacing Palestine: Informal Military Rule in Haifa as a Tool in Shaping Modern Day Israel
Duaa AbuAmsha Historical linguistic change in the verbal inflection system of Palestinian Arabic: Jaffa and Gaza dialects in contact
Soraya Abuelhiga Vanished Bodies as Nationalized Spaces: Palestinian Street Art Portraiture and the Aesthetics of Disembodiment
Wahiba Abu Ras and Mahasin Saleh Predictors of Psychological Distress, Perceived Support, and Coping Strategies among Palestinian Parents of Children with Disabilities
Rania Yousef Abu Seir EBV Infection and the Risk of Hodgkin Lymphoma among Palestinians
Ahmad Amara Governing Property in Beersheba between the Ottoman Imperial and the British Colonial Policies (1917-1928)
Nisa Ari Cultural Mandates: Art and Political Parity in Early Twentieth Century Palestine
Basim Ayesh Evaluation of interleukin 28-B polymorphism in chronic HCV patients and its potential association with treatment outcome in Gaza strip-Palestine
Suhad Daher-Nashif Femicide’s hidden victims: Examining the lives of mothers, sisters, and daughters of murdered Palestinian women
Muna Dajani Land Politics in the Batouf Valley: Farming as Politics
Lena Elmuti The Industrial Nakba: A Public Health Study of Industrial Dumping in Palestinian Cities
Noura Erakat The Law as Politics in the Palestinian-Israel Conflict
Marwan Ghanem Gender Empowerment and Treated Wastewater Reuse in Ein Qinia Village, Ramallah – Palestine
Nadeem Karkabi Conquered Fears and Constructive Pains: Body, Affect and Sovereignty among Palestinian Parkour Practitioners in the Old City of Jerusalem
Ibrahim Marazka Palestinian Heterotopias: The Case of Jerusalem
Susynne McElrone The 1858 Land Code and Rural Property Tenure in late-Ottoman Hebron
Fredrik Meiton Electrical Palestine: Arab and Jewish Technopolitics Under British Rule
Mezna Qato Education in Exile: Palestinians and the Hashemite Regime (1948-67)
Mohammed Al Rozzi Children’s Work and Education in the Context of Second Intifada in Gaza Strip
Kirsten Scheid Global Art at Home: An Ethnography of Art and Palestine
Said Shehadeh and Lena Mhammad Meari Reconceptualizing Resilience from a Palestinian Perspective: A Preliminary Investigation
Greg Thomas Captivity & Incarceration: Interviewing Palestinian Ex-Detainees and Making Global Black Liberation Movement Links
Issam Aburaya and Tamir Sorek Tawfiq Zayyad: A Sociological Biography
Ahmad Badran Stratification Consequences of Educational Choices: Elementary School Choice by Palestinians in Israel
Iyad Badran Utilization of three silage by products in flattening lambs and lactating ewes
Arnon Degani ‘Our Arabs’: Palestinians under Colonialism and Settler-Colonialism, 1948-1966 Israel/Palestine
Maisa Fakhoury Spatial Codes in Arab Towns in Israel
Elisabeth Friedman Qalandiya International and the New Spaces of Palestinian Art
Goltan Hijazi The Effectiveness of a Counseling Program in Alleviating Psychological Alienation and its Impact on Improving the Quality of Life of Gazan University Students
Salah Al-Houdalieh The Excavation Results of Khirbet et-Tireh
Rania Jawad The Performativity of the Palestinian Museum: Transnational Knowledge Production, Settler Colonialism, and the Values of the New
Issam A. Al-Khatib Role of women and men in the Palestinian household environment: a comparative study
Paul Kohlbry Land and Title: Private Property and Political Struggle in the West Bank
Laura Menchaca Itineraries of Development: Mobilizing Diaspora in Transnational Palestine-Chile
Janan Mousa An Institutional Analysis of Local-Level Water Management in Palestine: Understanding Water “Needs” and “Rights"
Danya Qato Drug Safety in the ‘Wild West’: Towards Promoting the Construction of a Pharmacovigilance System in Palestine
Jeffrey Reger Planting roots in Palestine: the olive tree and national belonging in 20th century Israel/Palestine
Maissoun Sharkawi Traditional Olive Oil Production Technology
Mohammed Abudaya Assessment of the Gaza Fishery of the Giant Devil Ray (Mobula Mobular)
Kristen Alff The Business of Property: Peasants, Settlers, and Beiruti Corporations in Palestine, 1850-1923
Amneh Badran Palestinian Children’s Political Activism in the East Jerusalem Village of Silwan: Discourse, Objectives and Strategies
Alyssa Bernstein Long Resistance: the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement
Yousef Daoud A Socio-Economic Analysis of Using Renewable Energy in Palestine Using CGE Modeling
Maryam Griffin Mobility and Mobilization: The Politics of Public Transportation in Palestine
Dana Hercbergs Musrara: The Social History of a Jerusalem Neighborhood
Nashaat N. Nassar Treating and Recycling Olive Mill Wastewater by Magnetic Nanoparticles
Dana Olwan Traveling Discourses: Gender Violence and the Representational Politics of the ‘Honour Crime’
Dima Qato A Population-Based Household Survey of the Quality of Medication Use Among Adults in UNRWA Palestine Refugee Communities
Imad Al-Soos Dynamics of Islamic Mobilization from Opposition to Power: Comparing Roles of Hamas in Gaza Before and After Division
Omar Tesdell Nature Reserves and the Question of Palestinian Cultivation
Kate Wilson Palestinian Community Performing Arts in Jordan
Rayya El Zein Performing El Rap El ‘Arabi 2004-2014: Feeling Politics and Affecting Possibility Amid Neoliberal Incursions In Beirut, Ramallah, and NYC
Amahl Bishara Palestinian Photography Across a Divide: A Dialogue about Space and Sovereignty
Andy Clarno The Empire’s New Walls: The politics of Security in South Africa and Palestine/Israel
Rebecca Granato From Fellahin to Fatah: The Birth of Civil Society Amongst Palestinian Prisoners
Weeam Hammoudeh (Re)Producing the Citizenry: Reproduction, Social Fragmentation, and the Palestinian (Quasi) State-Building Project
Sarah Ihmoud Policing the Intimate in Contemporary Israel
Mutamad Khatib Evaluation of Electromagnetic Radiation Safety from Wireless Transmission Systems in Tulkarm City
Ibrahim Makkawi Military Violence and Community Mental Health in Palestine: Critical Review of the “PTSD Research Industry"
Heidi Morrison Memory, Space and Children of the Second Intifada
Ethan Morton-Jerome Palestinian labor on West Bank settlements and Palestinian Authority efforts to create employment alternatives
Jessica Kali Rubaii Displacement, Home, and Futurity in Occupied Palestine and Iraq
Magid Shihade Not Just a Picnic: Settler Colonialism, Space, Mobility, and Identity among ’48 Palestinians
Waleed Sweileh Evaluation of Drug Use Practices at a Selected Governmental Hospital in Palestine
Lana Tatour Transnational Dimensions of Palestinian Resistance in Israel
David Vagnoni Prevalence & Causes of Mastitis in the Palestinian Dairy Industry
Alexander Winder Policing Mandate Palestine: Indigenous Policemen, British Colonial Control, and Palestinian Society, 1920–1948
Kefah Barham Effective Computer Integration into Palestinian schools
Leena Dallasheh The Popular Front: Early expressions of Palestinian Dissidence in Israel
Hussein Hallak Quality of Asthma Control in West Bank
Mohammad Herzallah Cognitive Correlates of Major Depressive Disorder and SSRI Antidepressant Administration
Jennifer Kelly Beyond the Tourist Gaze: Justice Tourism in Palestine and Israel
Laleh Khalili The Politics of Pleasure: Cycling on the Corniche, Swimming in the Sea
Suha al-Madbouh Case-specific factors influencing farmers’ acceptance of using reclaimed water for irrigation: The case of Wadi al-Far’a watershed, Palestine
Emily McKee Trans-Border Water Conservation: An Ethnographic Study with Activists and Residents
Heidi Morrison Remembering Violence, Foreseeing Peace: Oral Histories of Palestinian Children of the Second Intifada
Michal Ran-Rubin ‘Nature Knows No Borders’: Environmentalism and the Cultivation of Post-Conflict Landscapes in Palestine/Israel
Najwa Safadi The Dynamics of Formulating Anti-Poverty Policies from the Perspective of International Donor Organizations and the Civil Society Sector
Kirsten Scheid From Picasso of Palestine to ‘Picasso in Palestine’: Aesthetic Belongings in Fine Art
Nathan Swanson Scales of Home, Law, and Citizenship for Palestinians in Israel
Alaa Tartir Governance without a State: Security and Economy Governance and Aid Dependency in Palestine: The Case of Fayyadism

For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletter of Fall 2011.

Mahmoud Abubaker Family-Friendly Work Practices in Palestinian Organizations
Eman Alzaanin The interplay between Palestinian EFL writing instructors’ beliefs, practices, context and their impact upon their students’ composing processes
Hassan Ayoub The Palestinian Conflict: a One State Solution? Comparing the Conflicts in Palestinian-Israel, Northern Ireland, and South Africa
Lauren Banko The “Invention" of Palestinian Citizenship: Discourses and Practices, 1918-1939
Ryvka Barnard Tourism in Bethlehem: The Politics of Representation
Sahera Bleibleh Everyday Life: Spatial Oppression and Resilience under the Israeli Occupation, The case of the old town of Nablus, Palestine
Hilary Falb Educators in the British Mandates in the Middle East: a transnational elite
Toufic Haddad Political Economy of Neoliberal International Approaches to Conflict Resolution, State-Building and Development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 1993 – Present
Maher Khdour Prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in the Palestinian population
Sana Khsheiboun The Meaning of Home and the Impact of Its Loss on The Palestinian Family in East Jerusalem
Emilie LeFebvre The Production of Visual Knowledge in the Naqab: Palestine Bedouin engagement with the visual archive and indigenous media
Sarah Parkinson Reinventing the Resistance: Order and Violence among Palestinians in Lebanon
Rowa Al-Ramahi Factors Associated with Adherence to Medications among Hypertensive Patients: A survey study in Palestine
Karen Ross Sowing Seeds of Change? Education for Partnership between Israeli Jews and Palestinians
Areej Sabbagh Sovereignty and Political Economy: Hashomer Kibbutzim in Marj Ibn Amr (The Valley of Jerzeel)
Suzanne Schneider Religious Education in British Mandatory Palestine
Usamah Shahwan The compatibility of business curriculum at Palestinian universities with the actual demands of the local market as perceived by business graduates and private sector managers
Fadel Sharif Association between Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphisms, Haplotypes, and Plasma Nitric Oxide level and Idiopathic Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Rebecca Stein Digital Occupation: New Media and the Israeli Military Occupation
Yasin Tayem Correlates of Hypertension among Adolescents in the West Bank
Omar Tesdell Ecologies: a spatial history of Palestinian agriculture in the West Bank
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletter of Fall 2010.
Yousef Adwan Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Case Study of Palestinian Economy
Hassan Arafat Religion as a Catalyst for Sustainable Pollution Prevention: Islam in Palestine
Joel Beinin A Social Movement against Israel’s Separation Barrier in the West Bank
Nili Belkind Music, Conflict and Peacemaking: Ethics, Aesthetics and Cultural Policy Across the Israeli-Palestinian Divide
Lisa Bhungalia ‘Risky Business’: Transnational Governance and the Security-Development Complex in Post-Oslo Palestine, A Look at USAID
Amahl Bishara Two Kinds of Palestinians: A Relationship Framed by the State
Elizabeth Brinson Ramallah Friends Schools History, 1869 – Present
Gary Fields Enclosure: Landscape in Palestine in a Not-Too-Distant-Mirror
Adnan Al-Hindi Intestinal Parasites Contaminating the Common Vegetables Used in Gaza Strip
Farah Al-Khammash The Folktale as a Site of Framing Palestinian National Identity and Collective Memory: Speak Bird, Speak, Again, Qul Ya Tayer and Arab Folktales from Palestine and Israel
Issam Al-Khatib A Study on Problems of Management of Medical Solid Waste at Primary Healthcare Centers in Palestinian Territory and their Remedial Measures
David Marshall A Children’s Geography of Occupation: The Everyday, Imagined, and Emotional Geographies of Palestinian Children
Abeer Musleh Change of Trajectories of Youth Engagement in Palestine: Comparison between Before and Post- Oslo and Second Intifada Age Cohorts
Sarah Rogers Visualizing A Hidden History: Palestinian Art in Lebanon
Spencer Dan Scoville A Samovar in Ramallah: Graduates of the Russian Orthodox Schools in Palestine
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2009 and Spring 2010.
Khitam Abu Hamad Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Services–Determinants and Utilization in the Gaza Strip
Saida Affouneh & Suheir Sawalha The Role of Distance Learning in Women’s Empowerment: The Case of Al-Quds Open University
Diana K. Allan Maritime Nationalism: Seascape and Memory
Lori Allen Victims of Politics: Human Rights and Palestinian Nationalism
Tahreer Araj From Services to Ideological Formation: Building Community Agency in Palestine
Abed Badran Space Design and Tectonics in Israeli-Palestinian Architecture: Impacts of the Israeli Project
Wasim Al-Habil Establishing Local Governments with Indigenous Roots: Palestine’s Future Unifying Centuries of Occupation and Dispersion
Suha Hindiyeh Relations of Power in Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations
Taiseer Khatib Tradition, Minority, and State: Negotiating Druze Identity in Israel
Susynne McElrone Religion, Society and Politics in Hebron, 1750-1918
Kareem Rabie An Occupied Economy: Development, Privatization, and Statelessness in the West Bank
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2008 and Spring 2009.
Ammar Al-Dwaik The Role of Islamic Social Organizations in the Social Welfare and Safety Net Systems in the Palestinian Territories
Dana Hercbergs Playscapes: Children’s Folklore as Articulation of Local-National Identity in Jerusalem/al-Quds
Natalie Jensen Mobility Within Constraints: Gender, Migration and New Spaces for Palestinian Women
Isis Nusair Gendered Politics of Location of Four Generations of Palestinian Women in Israel, 1948–2008
Tami Rafidi Material Memories of Forgetfulness
Sherene Seikaly Food for All Under Control: Nutrition and Colonial Development in Palestine
Rabab Tamish Penetrating the Practices of Palestinian School Teachers in Bethlehem District: A Qualitative Investigation of Teachers’ Reflections on the Practices, Principles, and Values That Underpin their Classroom Practices
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2007 and Spring 2008.
Walid & Tamara Afifi The Palestinian Youth Resilience Project: Ambient Uncertainty and Communal Coping Among Palestinian Youth in Lebanese Refugee Camps
Angelina Foster Assessing the Reproductive Health Content of Nursing Education in Palestine
Stephen Philip Gasteyer A Systems Understanding of Community Capacity to Manage Water Resources in Palestine
Anaheed Al-Hardan Remembering the Present, Remembering the Past: The Place of the “Nakba" in the Memories of Second and Third Generation Palestinian Refugees in Syria
Julie Norman Beyond the Battikh: Youth Participation in Nonviolent Activism in Palestine
Shadi Husni Sawalha & Amer M. El Hamouz Improvements of the Recycled Plastic Properties by the Use of Olive Solid Waste
Samir Khalil Shaath Evaluation of the Coastal Plain Aquifer Physical Parameters in Gaza Strip
Sharif Mahmoud Sharif Wall and Ceiling Paintings in Mansions of Palestinian Notables at the End of the Ottoman Empire: An Expression of Change in Palestinian Society
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.
Laila Abed Rabho The Discourse of Palestinian Women in the Shari’a Courts in Jerusalem and Taybe
Thomas P. Abowd The Politics of Home Demolition and the Contest Over Residential Space in Contemporary Palestine
Tayser AM Abu Mourad Demand for Primary Health Care in the Gaza Strip-Palestine
Ghada Yousif Abu Nahla Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Regarding Family Planning Among Palestinian Couples in Gaza Strip
Abdelrahim A. Abusafa Assessment and Alleviation of Health Risks Associated With the Use of Drinking Water From Rainwater Harvesting Wells in Palestine
Irus Braverman Landscaping Israel/Palestine: Trees and Ideology
Karam Dana Letters of Palestinian Elite: 1920s-1930s
Isabelle D. Humphries Commemoration From Below: Post-Oslo Narratives of Palestinian Internal Refugees in the Galilee
Yamila Hussein Palestinian Intellectuals and Educational Discourse Between 1967 and 1993
Osamah F. Khalil At the Crossroads of Empire: The Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1946–1967
Issam Ahmad Al-Khatib Enhancing Municipal Solid Waste Management in Palestinian Territories via Accurate Modeling of Solid Waste Generation Rate and Composition
Samir Abdulmajid Kuhail Occupational Health Hazards of Dust Exposure for Workers
Nadia Latif Home in a Palestinian Refugee Camp
Nora Lester Murad The Effects of Dependence on International Aid on Palestinian Civil Society
Najwa Odeh Rizkallah Reproductive History and Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors Among Palestinian Women
Yaser Ahmed Shaheen The Perceived Importance of Information for Investment Decisions, Evidence From the Palestinian Security Exchange (PSE)
Rebecca L. Stein Dis/possessions: The Social Life of Palestinian Things in Jewish-Israeli Society
Livia C. Wick Transnational Families and the Construction of Palestinian Subjects
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2005 and Spring 2006. Information on PARC fellow Ghada AlMadbouh can be found in the newsletter for Fall 2006.
Riyad Abdel-Karim & Amer M. El Hamouz Usage of Stone Cutting Waste in Producing Chemical Construction Products
Ghada AlMadbouh “Cooperation with them is possible but partnership is not!" An Inquiry into the Struggle between the Palestinian Authority Fatah Elites and Hamas over Governance
Mohammad Nihad Almasri Characterization of Alexander Wadi: Analysis of Pollutant Input Loadings, Concentrations, and Impact on Groundwater Resources
Hassan Ali Arafat Pollution Prevention by Recovery and Reuse of Hazardous Wastewater from Operations in Palestine
Rana Barakat The Politics of Revolution in Mandate Era Palestine: Resistance, Violence, and National Thinking, 1929–1939
Irene Calis Security and the Imprisoned Other: An Ethnography of National Security and Human Rights in Israel
Beshara B. Doumani The Palestinians: A Social and Cultural History
Suliman Eid Reproductive Health (Gaza)
Adnan Ibrahim Al-Hindi Prevalence and Diagnosis of Cryptosporidium Parvum Among Children in Gaza City
Kimberly Katz Preserving History, Preserving Family: The Diary of Sami ‘Amr
Ibrahim A. Makkawi Hegemonic Educational Curriculum and National Identity Among the Palestinians in Israel
Falestin Naili Memory and Oblivion in Artas: An Element of the Rural History of Palestine
Hani Mustafa Nur el-Din Reevaluation of the Tell et Tell Site: A Possible Model for Palestinian Archaeology
Sylvain J. Perdigon Is There a “Refugee Kinship"? Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and the Vulnerability of Family Ties
Lori H. Rudolph Gender Dimensions of Conflict and Political Violence Among Palestinian Refugee Women
Nasser Tawfik Saleh Toward an Information Society in the West Bank and Gaza: Measuring ICT Indicators
Randa B. Serhan Suspended Community: 2nd Generation West Bank Palestinians
Luay Abdul-Hafiz Shabaneh Palestinian Unemployment in the International Context: On the Relevance of International Comparisons Based on the ILO Labour Force Framework, a Comparative Study
Irene R. Siegel Mapping the Subject: Levantine Geographies of Power and Narration
Faedah M. Totah Palestinian Refugees in the Old City of Damascus
Anthony C. Wanis-St. John Back-Channel Negotiations in the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2004 and Spring 2005.
Nadia L. Abu-Zahra Development and Conflict: Community-Based Development in Complex Emergencies
Abdul Aziz Ameen Mousa Arrar The Role of Villagers in Jabal Nablus in the Great Revolt (1936–1939)
Susan Greene Violence, Trauma, Resilience and Creativity in Occupied Palestine
Ghassan C. Haddad The Zionist Co-Option of Sport in Palestine: Constructing the Palestinian Sport Narrative
Maia G. Hallward Building Space For Peace: Identity and Discourse in Israel/Palestine
Yosef Jabareen Space and Trust: A New Concept for Understanding the Contribution of Planning Policies to Conflicts in Cities: The Case of Nazareth
Abigail Jacobson From Empire to Empire: Continuity and Change in Palestine in the Transition Between the Ottoman and the British Rules, 1911–1925
Abed al-Nasser Makky Dilemmas of Local Government: Institutions in the Emerging Palestinian State
Jennifer C. Olmsted The Palestinian Economy in Crisis: The Impact on Labor Markets
Senay Ozden Forgotten Exiles: Palestinian Refugees in Syria
Wendy Pearlman Public Opinion, Political Fragmentation, and Capabilities in the Second Intifada: Analysis of Palestinian Use of Force
Julie M. Peteet An Ethnography of Israel Closure of Palestinian Areas
Mrinalini Rajagopalan Stealing Beauty
Moain Sadeq The History and Archaeology of Gaza During the Bronze Age
Mohammed Hussein Sawalha Word Connotation in the Second Palestinian Intifada
Usamah Salim Shahwan & Romell Soudah Public-Private Partnership as a Strategy for Economic Development in Palestine
Nahda Younis Shehada Islamic Family Law: Debate and Practice
Yael Warshel Childhood Constructions of the Palestinian National Identity
Adel Said Zagha Rural-Urban Migration in Developing Countries and the Portfolio Theory: A Case Study of Palestine
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2003 and Spring 2004.
Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Daya A Primary Assessment of Sea Water Quality Along the Coast of the Gaza Strip
Khalid Hafiz Abu Dayeh Palestine Archives of the British Mandate Period: Dispersal, Destruction, and Reconstruction
Diana K. Allan An International Study of the Cultural Production, Transmission and Uses of History Among Palestinian Refugees in Three Camps in Lebanon
Gail Boling Mapping Out a Return/Compensation/Restitution Claims Mechanism for Palestinian Refugees That Complies With the Resolution 194 Formula
Ilana K. Feldman Government Assembled: The Work of Rule and the Making of Gaza (1917–1967)
Ahmed Ra’fat Mustafa Ghodieh Land-Use Changes in the West Bank by Satellite Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Samer Hamidi Estimating Cost Savings and Health Effect of Implementing an Essential Drug List
Maher Zuhdi Hashweh Palestinian Students’ Conceptions of Democracy
Amal S. Hudhud The Management of Olive Oil Mill Wastewater in Palestine
Yousef Taiseer Jabareen The Palestinian Minority in Israel and the Israeli Supreme Court
Islah Mohamed Jad Women in Transition–Reconstruction of the Palestinian Women’s Movement Under the New Palestinian ‘State
Rhoda Kanaaneh Palestinian Soldiers in the Israeli Military
Morag M. Kersel Selling the Past: Global Strategies for Cultural Property Protection
Basem Lutfi Ra’ad Palestinian Subaltern Heritage: Ancient and Modern
Thomas M. Ricks Voices From the Schoolyards: Memories of Palestine, 1855–1973
Farid Al-Salim Provincial Palestine: A Social History of Tulkarm in the Late Ottoman Period
Sherene Seikaly Dairy Queens and Sour Cream Arabs: Palestinian Cultures of Consumption in Israel
Linda Tabar Figuring Palestine: The Transformation of National and Colonial Discourses and the Construction of Spaces of Memory and Identity From Below
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2002 and Spring 2003.
Thomas P. Abowd Jewish-Arab Relations and the Spatial Dimensions of Everyday Life in British Colonial Jerusalem, 1917–1948
Yousef Daoud The Gender Gap and Returns to Schooling In Palestine: An Empirical Assessment
Amal Jamal The Politics of Minority Media in Ethno-National States: the Roles of Arab Media in Israel
Laleh Khalili Citizens of an Urban Kingdom: Stateless Refugees, Commemoration and Contention
Mezna M. Qato Narrating the Catastrophic: Counter-Nationalism and Palestinian Historiography, 1948–1964
Shira N. Robinson From Palestinian Subjects to ‘Arab Minorities’ and Back Again: A Social History of Palestinians Under Israeli Military Rule, 1948–1966
Musa Abdel Karim Sroor Process of Transformation of the Pios Foundations (Waqf) Toward Private Property in Jerusalem, 1858–1917
Haim Yacobi Urban Ethnocracy: The Construction of a City and Identities
For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletters of Fall 2001 and Spring 2002.
Lori Allen The Uncertain State of Palestine: “Pain and Suffering" in Nationalism and State-Building
Michelle Campos A Shared Homeland and Its Boundaries
Khaled Furani Modern Poets Contesting Power
Awad Eddie Halabi Transformation of the Prophet Moses Festival and Shrine at Jericho: from Local Worship to Nationalist Identity
Abdul Latif Husseini Enhancing Research in Epidemiology in Palestine
Manal Jamal After the “Peace Process": Foreign Aid and the Political Economy of Marginalization
Carol Malt Museums and Women in Palestine
Hafez Shaheen Storm Water Drainage in Arid and Semiarid Regions West Bank as a Case Study

For information on these fellows’ final reports, please refer to the PARC newsletter of Fall 2000 and Spring 2001.

Rabab Abdulhadi Oslo Accords and the Fate of Palestinian Refugees
Martin Bunton The Influence of Sir Ernest Dowson on the Definition of Property Rights in Palestine
Frances Hasso Paradoxes of Gender/Politics: Nationalism, Feminism and Modernity in Contemporary Palestine
Fred Lawson Rethinking the Emergence of Palestinian Arab Nationalism
Weldon C. Matthews The Istiqlal Party: A Study of Arab Nationalism in Mandatory Palestine
Daniel B. Monterescu Jewish-Arab Relations, Urban Space and the State in Palestinian-Israeli Mixed Towns
Walid Sabbah Identification of Surface Water and Groundwater Flow Patterns in the West Bank of Palestin