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Samah Saleh


Dr. Samah Saleh is Assistant Professor at An-Najah National University in the Department of Social Work, where she headed the Department for three years, and she is the coordinator for the Master’s degree program in Women’s Studies. She received her PhD in sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London, and holds two master’s degrees: one in Gender and Development from Birzeit University and the other in Social Work from McGill University. Her research interests are in Palestinian women’s experience of incarceration in Israeli colonial prisons, with a focus on everyday life practices before, during, and after prison as well as on the politicization of women’s bodies. She also is interested in the development of the social work profession in Palestine, with emphasis on community development. She is part of several different international research groups: one group is working on disability in Palestine, another is focusing on social innovation facing violence, and another is looking at the politics of marriage. As an activist, she works with organizations that focus on women issues, community development, and social solidarity economy.